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Image of a healthy, modern home in Texas.

Your Home is a Living Organism

TONER Home Matters is a Building Performance Company serving Texas that provides one of three main services depending on the need of the client or stage of the home.

Building Performance Design we design new builds, remodels, modifications, or historic restorations to perform properly in relation to the Climate, Construction, and Client needs. 

Building Performance ForensicsWhen homes are “misbehaving”, our team provides a service that looks at the house as a total system. This includes not only the structure itself but also its specific microclimate and how the current and previous occupants behave within the dwelling. 

Building Performance Litigation Support TONER Home Matters supports Texas homeowners, builders, trades, and other professionals in the resolution of construction deficiencies in residential homes. We specialize in assisting in pre-litigation efforts and coordinating all expert witnesses. 

All services require TONER Home Matters to be the experts at:






Attic Assemblies

Foundation Configurations 

Building Envelope

Drainage Plane

Dissipation Plane

Indoor Air Comfort and Quality

Micro Climate Standards

Solar Generation Design

to name a few... 


Toner Home Matters Navy Circle Element


Former Insurance Adjuster, Water Remediation Professional, Texas Mold Inspector.
Currently does not maintain these accreditations to protect the privacy of our clients.

Toner Home Matters Aqua Circle Element

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Designations

Master Certified Green Professional

1 of 82 in US
1 of 1 in Texas

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Green Designations - Code Certifications - Energy Certifications

TONER Home Matters currently has over 30 designations available to our clients.
Accommodation of a clients specific needs is a specialty of our team.

Healthy Interior Home in Texas


Toner is a true professional. Extremely knowledgeable in his craft, and unlike anyone I’ve ever met in the industry. If you are having efficiency issues in your home, Toner is definitely the man to call. He will provide an extremely thorough assessment of your entire home to help you identify the root cause of your problems. His astounding knowledge of building sciences, and how homes are supposed to be built to achieve optimal efficiency is nothing short of spectacular. His attention to detail, and work ethic cannot be matched. He has an awesome team, that is both personable and very professional. You cannot go wrong with this company.


We had Toner look at our new home to make sure it would operate at an optimum level with particular attention to mold elimination and prevention. He provided valuable insight and with his experience guided us at setting up our HVAC system and making changes to our home to prevent mold growth. Our home is operating at a high level, with below 50% RH and no evidence of mold growth. Toner is professional, very responsive, and will tell you what you need to do and what you need to not do. I very much appreciate his frank advice on what to put into our house and what not to waste money on. This has been a big help to us. I would highly recommend Toner to anyone concerned with mold or how to optimally set up their home and have peace of mind.

We dealt with Toner on a nightmare situation in our home of 35 years. After 3 issues where we had moisture and construction issues that NO one could solve or address, Toner DID. He was wonderful to work with. After diagnosing our issue, we followed the "prescription" we needed which included closed cell foam, stone tile flooring, as well as modifications and reconfigurations of our HVAC system. We are now working to add an in-line de-humidification system in our home to eliminate the remaining humidity levels that sometimes rise above 60%. As someone who has lived on the water and the Gulf Coast my entire life, I would ABSOLUTELY tell you Toner is the man to deal with on any issue related to moisture in your home.



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