Your Home is a Living Organism



TONER Home Matters is an energy, sustainability and forensic consulting group that reviews a structure with a unique process focused on holistic integration. In this process, we work with the project owner and building team to ensure the longevity of the incorporated systems while predesigning out potential building deficiencies. Our processes are required for all new homes, remodels and historic projects across the State of Texas. Simply, applying forensic considerations at the design stage of a project is a proactive practice that will help ensure desirable outcomes.


TONER Home Matters is utilized upwards of 500+ forensic new home and remodel cases a year. Specializing in high end projects, historic homes, and coastal applications in Houston, Galveston and boutique communities across Texas. 


Meet Toner

Toner Kersting is commonly known as one of the best building performance minds in the Gulf Coast region. He is the founder and driving force behind TONER Home Matters.

Upon college graduation, he was a published journalist who started working for a home builder to supplement the less than desirable salary of a working writer. During that time, he fell in love with technique of the home building process. After a home in his neighborhood caught fire, he became equally captivated with the reconstruction process and his obsession with understanding the original design intent began. He then bought into that actual business, learned historic reconstruction techniques and his passion for historic home restoration was born. After selling that business in 2005, he went to work for large European power company building trade businesses and developed passion for HVAC in particular. While there he was tasked with replicating the energy and sustainability businesses that were prevalent in Europe and redesigning them for USA adoption. Toner later acquired this model, mixed it with building forensic considerations and this morphed into to what TONER Home Matter is today.




Former Insurance Adjuster, Water Remediation Professional, Texas Mold Inspector.
Currently does not maintain these accreditations to protect the privacy of our clients.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Designations

Master Certified Green Professional 1 of 82 in US
1 of 1 in Texas

Green Designations - Code Certifications - Energy Certifications

TONER Home Matters currently has over 30 designations available to our clients.
Accommodation of a clients specific needs is a specialty of our team.