Solar Ready Design Requirement (GenRed) 

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Solar Ready Design Requirement (GenRed) 

The Energy Code requires a fully designed, installed and verified solar ready design on all new homes, remodels and historic homes. 

1. Required by code, GenRed (TM) solar design provides professionally specified and verified install of solar raceway. 

2. Must meet the following provisions:

a. Designated solar-ready zone. (See page 1 of attached design) 

b. Designed interconnected pathway with specific installation instructions. (see page 2 of attached design) 

c. Electrical service space reserved. 

d. Construction document posted on site. (physically page 2 of attachment) 

e. Permanently affixed certificate (physically page 1 of attachment). 

f. Transfer of solar design data to city inspection sticker is required. (see below) 

3. The install must be verified by the energy certifier of record and rough and final stages. Data from the design must be transferred to the final Energy sticker and posted on site. 

Any questions about this please contact Toner for further implementation and assistance. 

Thanks –Toner 

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