Why you need a Forensic and Energy Walk on a Remodel 

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Why you need a Forensic and Energy Walk on a Remodel 

We get asked why we need to walk a remodel all the time. Especially when it is just an interior finish out or work that will run under a repair permit. Here is why. 

• All remodels are required to meet energy code. You have to apply 100% of the code until otherwise noted. When the home is walked we can document what parts are actually required and how they will be verified. This will save time and money and is the proper and responsible process to follow. 

• In consideration to forensics, we judge the new against the old. We look at what part of the home is left and balance that against what new elements will be applied.

EX. You must balance the air barrier, drainage plane and insulation type so you don’t create a pressure boundary and pull moisture into the home. 

• When a remodel is almost like a new build. If we are going down to the studs we need to insure we still only apply what meets the remaining bones.

EX. If we have a gutted home and we are adding space into an attic you will also have to reconfigure the ventilation plan or suffer. If a home operated with a gable to gable attic it will always want to operate that way until we redesign it properly. 

• When a remodel is a new build. Remodeling a home but adding a garage apartment or pool house means we will treat the new portions just like a new home and have a separate certification. 

The easiest process is to have the home walked at design stage. We can clarify the standards, find forensic issues and prepare the project for success. Just let us know. 

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