New TONER Home Matters Site and Social Media

Tools abound, both physically and digitally, that help us design and build great homes.  This month’s point of consideration below focuses on some new tools we have prepared for your use.
If you have some new projects we should be on, or referred to, please let me or the team know, and we will make sure we make sure we have the right tool for the job.
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New TONER Home Matters Site and Social Media
Many of our clients were asking for a way to explain our part of the process to their homeowners.  We are happy to say that our new site,, is up and running.  This is the perfect resource to answer that question.  This along with our Social Media feeds are perfect ways to stay up to date on the Building Science, Energy, Sustainability and Forensic trends in Houston.

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We will also be reaching out to each of you to make sure we are paying it forward and connecting to all your social media feeds.  Please look for a note from our social media manager Coryne.  We look forward to the mutual support.

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