The TONER Home Matters Brand Story

Our brand is a reflection of who we are, the stories we tell, and the emotional connection that resonates with our employees and our customers. As we embarked on a journey to renew our organization’s brand, we spent a great deal of time really working to understand how our customers feel about us and how we want to be perceived in the future. We are incredibly proud of the outcomes we’ve achieved and you can see the evidence of our exploration throughout this new website. 

To begin our journey, we engaged Houston-based consultancy, Deutser, to help us walk through the three core elements that make up our organizational identity: characteristics, purpose and values. From these conversations, and through a creative deep dive, we emerged on the other side with several themes from which to explore. These themes ranged from the literal (using building elements found in architecture and structural drawings) to the scientific (using hexagons as a key design element, as this is the most efficient shape found in nature). Ultimately, we settled on a brand identity that purposefully represents the essence of Toner Home Matters in a distinctive and enduring manner.

The color blue and all caps use of TONER symbolize strength and professionalism. The three misshaped circles in the “O” represent the states of matter present in every home: solid, liquid and gas. We must balance the forces within these states of matter and create a symbiotic relationship between them.

Finally, the positioning line “Home Matters” is a subtle call-out to the work we do and the things we value. We view ourselves as subject matter experts on all things related to homes and the home ecosystem. But most of all, we view homes as a physical manifestation of the emotional connection a home provides such as feeling rooted in a community, security in our daily lives, and a depository of memories that we continue to build with each passing year.

Reflective of the types of homes with which we work, our brand’s personality is traditional in some ways and thoroughly modern in others. Every home is different, and this diversity of cases requires experience and a level of professionalism that only the Toner team is capable of delivering. Therefore, our new brand personality can be summarized with three key associations: smart, sophisticated and professional. This is who we are and who we will continually strive to be.

We are incredibly proud of our brand story and we look forward to sharing more details with you in person.

−Toner Kersting

Jill Unrau