West University move to 2018 Code as of NOW

Summer is the busiest season for all us without any surprises.  So let's mess this up now. 

West U moved to the 2018 Code yesterday for all projects starting now.  For my side the rules for Energy Code have changed again.  We should expect Houston, Bellaire and other city's to follow suit soon.  

If you have West U projects that are not permitted please get with us ASAP.



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West University move to 2018 Code as of NOW


The purpose of this is make my clients aware that the City of West University has moved to the 2018 Code as of NOW.  I am assuming this means projects without permit numbers issued.  This also includes the new energy code, 2018 IECC version.  A sample of the changes you should expect are…

·        Movement to Continuous Insulation as a standard.

·        Commercial Energy standards with envelope testing.

·        Shifts in Lighting.

·        Accelerated wall assembly changes to reduce gaps in the thermal envelope.

·        Tons of changes outside of energy

We are hoping to sponsor a class with the city to address my side of this code.  I suggest you purchase your new code book today.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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