Chapter 19 Flood Design Standards

Summer is over, and it is time to get back to serious work.  So, let’s hit our first speed bump.  
The new Chapter 19 Flood Design Standards go into effect September 1.  The city is giving lots of talks and resources on the matter.  I wanted to share other consideration that they don't speak about this month.
If you have home in design and these points concern you, please remember that we cover all to them in our standard Energy and Sustainability meeting.
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TONER Point of Consideration
Chapter 19 New Flood Design Standards
After attending yet another talk from city officials on this matter I feel I need to add my two cents with some points of consideration for those I support.
When applying the new Chapter 19 Standards….
·        Adjusting up at the foundation does not mean you are OK to adjust up at the roof.
a.      We are expecting some legal precedent to come forward in Q1-2 2019 on this but it is up to the HOA to adjust from standards they set with old historical data.
·        Flood venting is not air flow design.
a.      They can be the same, but air flow needs more square inches and actual design.
·        Dropping a garage onto a crawl space is choking the home.
a.      Think about 1920’s-70’s crawlspace homes.  The Garage is detached and away from the crawlspace.  We also had 2 opposite and completely open sides of the home.
·        Your drainage plan should include under the home.  You can flow out or in.
·        Landscape should be 24” away from finished cladding at mature size.  So, you will be planting most plants 3-4’ away from the home.
I know this may sound obtrusive to quality design, but we are a creatively minded organization and I am happy to help find options and solutions anytime.   Please let me know if you have any questions.
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