Sealed Electrical Boxes 

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Sealed Electrical Boxes 

We all need to note that the Energy Code has requirements that cross almost all aspects of the homes design and construction. Many times they place these requirements on trades that would normally only operate within their licensed field. Some of these trades don’t realize that they have responsibilities within the energy code too. TONER is constantly meeting with those trades to educate them on what their obligation is and how to manage it. 

A great example is the now required Sealed Electrical Boxes on all Exterior walls and T-walls. 

These boxes are quite different from the normal blue rectangles we are familiar with. They are sealed entirely and allow wires to pass in and out without compromising their integrity. They are normally black in color and the cost is well over $1.00 per unit as opposed to the < $00.25. Please see the photos attached for an example. Please see an example of a letter of acknowledgement that TONER requests from all electricians prior to starting a project. 

The sealed boxes serve two purposes. One, they preserve the grade 1 air barrier consistency of the exterior wall. Two, they help prevent a forensic issue called “Soggy Switch”. 

“Soggy Switch” is when we have a void in the air barrier close to an electrical box. This is true since voids normally occur at stacked framing and the boxes are nailed to this framing near the leak. Then the outside air enters the box and meets the cool inside air and condenses. The sealed unit helps prevent this issue. 

In Design, we should ensure we make a note on the proper sheet or point them back to the included TONER Specs since they energy certifier is responsible for this code. 

In New Homes, we need to make sure we don’t miss the proper pricing and install. Missing them could lead to wire corrosion, unit failure and fire risk. 

In Remodels, especially Add On’s, missing this item can lead to physical water damage, unit failure, fire risk and electrocution of your homeowners. 

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