Building Forensics

Texas, and Houston in particular, is the busiest, most challenging market in which to own a home. TONER Home Matters has a unique building process that not only delivers expedited end results, but also touts an impressive success rate of implementing resolution steps at a lower than market norm price. TONER designs a structure to perform!

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Examples of issued resolved by TONER Home Matters

Mold in the air, walls, crawlspace, attic & visible surface • Warped wood flooring • High humidity issues • Sweating HVAC components, windows, walls trim, doors, floors lighting • Odd smells & odors • Indoor health issues • Indoor air & surface contaminates • Staining of surfaces • All types of water damages • High utility bills • Indoor comfort issues • Everything goofy thing that could happen to a house, that you didn’t think could happen to a house, that happened to your house & you don’t know why!