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Building Performance Design

TONER Home Matters provides a holistic design that meets the perceived and unperceived performance dynamic of a home. This effort produces a home that meets the owner’s operational needs, completes the design, strikes a balance with nature and reduces the opportunity for performance failures.

Due to the high rate of building performance forensic cases we solve, TONER Home Matters provides a truly unique understanding of how to design a home to perform in the Hot Humid Climate zone of Texas. It is the knowledge gained from correcting failures that is then applied into the front-end design that makes the process unique, impactful and highly desirable.

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All new homes, remodels and historic structures should be evaluated for performance criteria. In fact, most require a formal energy certification. It is this certification that compounds performance criteria, such as air flow, moisture management, pressure barriers and thermodynamics. At the core of all our design is the best and most thorough version of an energy certification that meets and exceeds the required code.

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TONER Home Matters catalogues the results from the design process into the Building Performance Specification Binder. This is an architectural binder format to be utilized by the architectural team, builder of record, associated trades and owners. It is this book that becomes the guiding factor in a project that will yield proper results, and avoid the recurring performance losses experienced by other projects.

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Any great plan needs great execution! The TONER Home Matters staff works to educate, train and convey the expected performance plan prior to the start of the build. Then we make ourselves available for onsite explanation, verification, testing and final certifications.  In many cases, the administration of designed criteria is the best way to see a fully executed plan come to fruition. This represents the execution of our intellectual process.

A Toner Home Matters interior strikes a balance with nature
A Toner Home Matters entryway strikes a balance with nature
A Toner Home Matters exterior strikes a balance with nature
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