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Healthy Home Exterior in Dallas, Texas

Building Performance Forensics

TONER Home Matters performs hundreds of Building Performance Forensic projects every year.  First, the proprietary process starts with “The Story” from those involved.  Then a full evaluation of the structure, its occupant’s behavior and interaction with the space plus the balance between indoor and outdoor environments is conducted.  Next, during the evaluation, data will be acquired using tools such as site audit applications, sonar, psychometric tools, and physical techniques.  After which, the data and findings are compared against the bank of cases solved to date.  Lastly, an executive summary can be provided to explain the building science and forensics of the situation, identify the source of origin, and provide the steps to take in construction order to seek resolution.

THM forensic clients will have access to our established referral base of specialty trades, design companies and builders upon requests.  THM can also be contracted to help oversee the implementation of forensic resolutions.

Examples of issues resolved by TONER Home Matters

Mold in the air, walls, crawlspace, attic & visible surface | Warped wood flooring | High humidity issues | Sweating HVAC components, windows, walls trim, doors, floors lighting | Odd smells & odors | Indoor health issues | Indoor air & surface contaminates  Staining of surfaces | All types of water damages | High utility bills | Indoor comfort issues

“Everything goofy thing that could happen to a house, that you didn’t think could happen to a house, that happened to your house & you don’t know why!” - Toner Kersting 

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